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Property Sales is the answer to all the problems that a property manager could face in their day-to-day operations. It is the most comprehensive property sales administration system in the market covering all aspects that the industry requires and demands. From market survey to launching, from purchaser confirmation to vacant possessions, from conventional documentation to online statements and so on, all are catered by this comprehensive system.
> Market Intelligence System
> Sales Automation and Administration
> Car Park Sales Management
> Credit Control
> Document Tracking Management
> e-Property
> Sub Sales Management
Market Intelligence System
  • This is the core of the marketing tool to compete successfully in the ever-changing market demand. It offers centralized market information of different property project development. Data is analyze and provides detailed analysis of market trend and pricing factor. From here, property can be decided for the launching. It also serves as an important tool in providing information for future projects.
Sales Automation and Administration
  • This module maintains all information of prospective customers to existing purchasers. This information is shared among marketing personnel for usage of market analysis and launching invitation.
  • Arrangement of reservation appointment and bookings has been enhanced to ease marketing personnel work. Queuing of reservation is set systematically so that no dispute will occurs. With all the information in the reservation, sales confirmation is just a click away.
  • Nowadays, owners are smarting and more demanding. Promotion package of different varieties benefits are inevitable. In Property Sales, multiple promotion packages can be predefined and added into a purchase to ease administration work.
  • Legal information such as loan and solicitor are store accordingly in the system. All documentations are stored systematically for credit control purpose.
Car Park Sales Management
  • This is specifically developed to cater for condominium and apartment projects. Information such as lot units, car park numbering, pricing and etc are recorded and manage according for the owner. It is all done when the unit is purchase during the sales confirmation. It is made that easy by Property Sales.
Credit Control
  • Property Sales offers a comprehensive and easy to use functionality in credit control operations. Billings, collection and miscellaneous transactions has been automated to ease administration staff operation. It supports scheduling billings generation to ensure accurate billings and completeness of all ownership transactions. Thus, ensuring timely billings and avoiding unnecessary loss of revenue from late billings. Multiple miscellaneous billings and specific interest billings can be generated for selected lot units. With the usage of payment due date, interest for late payments can generated for all affected units and reminders works the same too. User no longer needs to crack their head to ensure they do not miss out any units that are affected.
  • Lot Withdrawals can be carried out with just a click. The process has been made systematically enhanced so that all ledger information for the unit is reserves automatically and the balance to the owner is automatically calculated.
Document Tracking Management
  • This is the module that ensures all documentations are executed and process in a timely fashion. In a competitively industry, efficiency is the key to success. Thus, the module allows users to predefine the sequence of activities and due dates for all the legal activities. This way, when the business volume increases, Property Sales serve as an assistant in tracking and monitoring such comprehensive activity.
  • This is an online system that allows users from view the existing sales information of the projects. With substantial infrastructure support, managers from overseas could view the existing sales volume of projects; i.e. which unit has been sold, reserved and open.
  • The system works for purchaser and potential prospects too. Owner could view their statement and billings online too. Prospect could view the availability of the projects.
Sub Sales Management
  • This complicated process has been simplified by Property Sales to ease administration work. All previous owner information will be converted to historical information after the process and maintained in sub ledgers for viewing purpose only. New owner information such as personal information and ledgers will be updated to the current owner database. Documentation is maintained, tracked and monitored by the Documentation Tracking Management module. An indication on the unit will enable user to see how many times the units has transfer hands.
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