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To become an efficient property manager, one may need to look beyond the traditional method in this services industry. Nowadays, owners and tenants are smarter and more demanding for fast and prompt services. To remain competitive, property managers must be able to manage their property in an orderly fashion and keeping the tenants satisfied. Thus, with the availability of Property Management System, property managers will be able to work effectively and efficiently to stay competitive and successful in improving the tenants’ satisfaction and increasing the company profit.
> Ownership management
> Tenancy Management
> Credit Control
> Car Park Management
> Meter Utility Feature
> Facility Management
> Customer Service
> Maintenance Management
Ownership management
  • * Owner information is kept and monitored here. Miscellaneous billings such as management fee, annual assessments and sinking fund contribution and other non-rental related billings can be charge to the owner with the system.
  • Property Management also tracks sub sales or ownership termination activities and detailed information new owner information of new owners.
Tenancy Management
  • Tenancy management is the core of the property management operations. In this module, Property Management offers comprehensive functions such as rental of multiple lots per tenant, lease renewal and termination. Billings and rate changes are predefined for selected units to ease billing generation in credit control. It ensures hassle free when updating the entire tenancy profile for the property individually as the changes will be integrated to future billings generation. The accuracy of billings is guaranteed in this way too. Besides that, all Tenancy Agreement is maintained here and in order make administration work simple, Document Tracking Management feature is used to allow user to ensure all documentations are executed and process in a timely fashion. User will predefine the sequence of activities and due dates for all the legal activities and the system will track and monitor the process.
Credit Control
  • This module offers comprehensive and easy to use functionality in credit control operations. Billings, collection and miscellaneous transactions has been automated to ease administration staff operation. It supports scheduling billings generation to ensure accurate billings and completeness of all ownership transactions. Thus, ensuring timely billings and avoiding unnecessary loss of revenue from late billings. Multiple miscellaneous billings and specific interest billings can be generated for selected lot units. With the usage of payment due date, interest for late payments can generated for all affected units and reminders works the same too. User no longer needs to crack their head to ensure they do not miss out any units that are affected.
  • All kinds of credit control reports such as aging report and billings and collections reports are readily available.
Car Park Management
  • This is specifically developed to cater for condominium and apartment projects. Information such as lot units, car park numbering, pricing and etc are recorded and manage according for the owner. Car park rental rates can be predefined and billed to the tenant accordingly. The availability of car park lot can be view any time and rent out by assigning a tenant into the car park lot.
Meter Utility Feature
  • This module handles meter utility billing, tracking and supports meter reading as well. Detailed accurate meter charges can be computed automatically from predefined rates charges. It works superbly when the volume increases as data entry and checking work is cut down extremely. It is integrated to the credit control module for billings purpose.
Facility Management
  • This is specifically developed for projects that offer facilities such as sport and recreational facilities. Management will be able to check on the availability and bookings of the facilities. All revenue are integrated to the credit control module and maintained in the ledger for viewing purpose.
Customer Service
  • With the help of this module, managers can easily monitor tenants’ complaints and requests for services. System will be able to track all types of complaints and managers can take action effectively. It monitors the complaints according to the time assigned and due dates, tracking its progress until it is fully complete and the tenant is satisfied. Analysis could be generated based on the volume and types of complaints for management decision making purpose.
Maintenance Management
  • Scheduling maintenance of lift, escalator and other maintenance of properties equipment and fixed assets has been easy with this module. Upcoming service date, meter limit or other measurement method can be preset into the system to remind user of the service. Thus, ensuring automatic work order to be carried out accordingly.
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